Co-Creating a Desirable Future

Social inequality. Climate emergency. Evolving technology & data. Political upheaval. A global pandemic. The scope and pace of change ​in 2020 is unprecedented.​ Disruption is our new normal. ​

It’s not enough to continue to react – the world now demands proactive solutions, implemented at a speed we’ve never experienced before. ​We need momentum. We need change. ​

We at PwC Germany’s Experience Consulting & jovoto believe this is our opportunity to re-write the playbook: challenge the status-quo, re-imagine businesses, enter uncharted territory and create our own tangible futures.

Generating Insights and Identifying Solutions

#mycq is the platform to collect the most pressing questions that need to be answered to design solutions that create real impact.

We believe in the power of collaboration and co-creation ​to bring about real change.

We believe in bringing thousands of innovative minds, thought leaders, experts, and changemakers like you together to design our future.

We believe in building solutions that are truly sustainable, user-centric and impactful for our futures.

How It Works

#mycq is a dedicated space for authentic reflection and user-generated insights. A constant stream of insights are clustered, curated and validated in real-time, creating new opportunities for your action. We apply insights directly to products, services, POS, etc. through co-creation, helping to build our clients’ solutions, fast.


Which economic sector does society benefit from if it grows and which should degrow for the sake of sustainability and a healthier life?


How can we foster social commitment and a strong civil society?


How can we make sure technology helps to connect all levels of society and gives equal chances to all?


How can we establish a more fruitful international collaboration - beyond borders and nationalistic movements?


How can we use artificial intelligence to empower humans?

Partner With Us

Do you organize groundbreaking events, conferences, or hackathons and are searching for new input or new formats? Are you a media company that wants to share new insights with its audience? Do you have another super strength that would contribute to #mycq’s success?

Join us in rewriting the playbook.​

Featured Experts


Ruben Mosblech

Experience Consulting at PwC


Bastian Unterberg

CEO & Founder of jovoto


Nancy Birkhölzer

Managing Partner at IXDS (Part of the PwC Network)

Here’s How You Can Contribute

Want to be part of shaping the future? Join the #mycq community, alongside other inspiring thought leaders, driving the discussion about the most pressing questions on our planet.

About #mycq

My Critical Question is a collaborative initiative started by PwC Germany’s Experience Consulting & jovoto to bring a global co-creation community, strategic partners, thought leaders, and industry experts together. Join the #mycq community as a media partner, commercial partner, or community members, alongside other inspiring thought leaders and help lead a discussion around the most pressing questions on our planet.

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